Tunos band


is an acoustic band created by former university students. We play traditional instruments and wear 16th century garments.


Our repertoire consists of a wide range of well-known traditional pieces, Spanish and Latin-American folk songs, and of course, love ballads. We are a fantastic choice for weddings; you can choose some or all these options: - Greeting at the entrance to the church (at the beginning or / and end of the ceremony) - - Reception - - Strolling around the wedding lunch or dinner venue and performing at the tables - We have a wide experience in this kind of events; we work with some wedding organisers. This is the music you need for the most magical time of your lives If you need to serenade your loved woman or man, don't hesitate to call us.  We work with some companies specialised in the organisation of incentive travel and corporate meetings, so we are a great choice for corporate events. And of course: Birthdays, anniversaries, hen parties...


We create that wonderful atmosphere and special mood you are looking for !!! 




(+34) 639 606 249  English spoken

E-mail: info@tunosband.com